Frequent answers and questions

Do remote experts work from home with a VPN connection?

Yes, the procedure is as before. The EXPERT should be authorized to access to the company network or to the cloud.

Do Helmets have a module for SIM card with mobile Internet? 

The HELMET does not have a SIM card, but the Field operator can use an LTE-WiFi router. Wifi mesh network for the yard/plant can be provided

Is it possible not to purchase the SERVER/NUC?

Yes, but it will be necessary to activate a cloud access or to position the software on a company virtual server.

How is the server maintenance expected?

OS and Firmware releases are on the NUC. It’s possible to download the patches from a specific website. The update will be automatic.

EXPERT-DESKTOP software will be updated downloading the patches from a specific website.

HELMET SOFTWARE will be updated with maintenance service if activated.

What cybersecurity system has been put in place?

Our system is based on the creation of a VPN through exchange of encrypted certificates between the NUC and the Remote Expert and between the NUC and the Field Operator. The Advanced Encryption Standard used is AES 256.

Which traffic bandwidth is required?

It depends on the quality of the streaming. 0,5Mb/s is enough for the lowest resolution.



  1. resolution 640×360, 10 fps;
  2. resolution 640×360, 12 fps;
  3. resolution 1280×720, 15 fps;
  4. resolution 1280×720, 20 fps;
  5. resolution 1280×720, 30 fps.
Can multiple expert be connected to a helmet?

Only an expert can be actively connected with a Helmet. By using third-party videoconferencing systems, it is possible to have multiple remote experts who visualize the helmet video streaming at the same time.

Can multiple user be connected to a expert?

Expert sees all of helmet on the field but can interact one by one.

How are remote users supposed to work with the server? Does it needed to publish its communication service with users outside?

All user data is stored on the provided server. Passwords are stored in encrypted form on the provided server. The remote user is authorized and works through a VPN connection.

What operating systems and versions are compatible with the software?

The expert application is developed on the latest Windows Release. The minimum requirement is Windows 8.1

Is the software distributed using CSSM?


Is possible to have remote assistance from different experts?

Many experts can manage many different HELMETs. But there is no the way for the field operator to choose the expert. He can anyway start a conversation and the expert that got it, can pass to another expert. Every expert needs a license.

Why is MyDigitalHelmet better than Realwear and Vuzix?

Compared to RealWear and Vuzix what benefits does Digital Helmet give?

RealWear and Vuzix solutions are similar, BUT they have:

  • an uncomfortable small monocular visor (quality of images isn’t comparable to digital helmet)
  • very low speed of streaming
  • very low speed / stability of connectivity
  • almost double the weight
  • no computational power on the device
  • cannot be connected with IoT applications
  • no button so no check list management
  • less battery duration


Does the helmet have any certifications?

Helmet is intrinsically safe, but we don’t have an ATEX certificate number at the moment

The Helmet is built rugged and it is IP55 certified against dusts and water.

Can helmets connect with each other?

Helmets cannot connect with each other.
Expert can have many connections with many helmets (not at the same time).

How do I buy Digital Helmet?

Thanks for your interest! You can buy Digital Helmet or make inquires here.

Who does benefit from Digital Helmet?

Specifically workers who need their hands free to do their work and who want to be connected to remote experts able to give guidance during the operations on the field. You can review the benefits stemming from Digital Helmet here.


Why is Digital Helmet an all-in-one solution?

Digital Helmet is a fully integrated hardware and software wearable designed for a smarter collaboration between field worker and remote users. Digital Helmet is plug&play, switch it on and start collaborating remotely. Digital Helmet is hands free making remote collaboration easy, safe and efficient.

Does MyDigitalHelmet block my vision?

We designed the device for you to maintain full situational awareness, so no, the helmet is purposefully designed not to impair peripheral vision. It uses a Near-To-Eye Binocular display. Compared to our solution, monocular displays are small and focusing on one eye only, causing severe headaches, whilst common AR displays are not flexible and “See-through”, thus dangerous as they obstruct vision.

What languages does MyDigitalHelmet support?

It supports English.

Which activities can field worker perform using MyDigitalHelmet?

Using Digital Helmet every field worker will be able to share a live view through his mobile device’s camera, take pictures and share them with remote users, communicate with remote users through and view remote user’s screen.

Which activities can remote users perform using MyDigitalHelmet?

Remote users will be able to see what field worker sees through his mobile device’s camera, communicate with field worker through multi video conferencing, take live annotations, share documents/videos by sharing his screen, take and save pictures on his computer and record the whole session.

What does the standard communication process look like when users are in the same network?

The connection procedure is easy. Once the HELMET is turned on, a VPN connection is established between the HELMET and the SERVER / NUC.

After starting the REMOTE EXPERT-DESKTOP, a VPN connection is established between the HELMET and the SERVER / NUC.

The SERVER / NUC works as the hub that connects these VPN channels.

Only the EXPERT can see the HELMET(s) on the field with their different status while both EXPERT and HELMET can initiate a call.

Can multiple expert be connected to a Helmet?

Only an expert can be actively connected with a Helmet. By using third-party videoconferencing systems, it is possible to have multiple remote experts who visualize the helmet video streaming at the same time.

How do I setup the system?

The helmet is delivered already properly configured with the customer’s WiFi. In order to configure the GPS, the user must ensure that the access doors to the NUC service are not closed by the company’s Firewall (e.g. FTP protocol).

Can I use different hardware from the one provided?

The warranty does not apply to hardware malfunctions caused by use of accessories not sold or licensed by ILLOGIC – including but not limited to batteries, headsets, chargers, or other accessories. In particular, the use of Headsets different from those provided can cause the SOM to suffer irreparable damage.

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