Save money on everyday maintenance and operations

A collaboration channel to get real-time support

Carefully crafted to perform in industrial environments

Comfort and functionality

Allows to receive information and data directly on the HD binocular visor. You can follow step-by-step instructions and check the completion of the tasks through the industrial button. Line of vision is always clean, hands are free to operate and you can communicate in real time with the remote expert thanks to the Bluetooth headset.

Powerful communication tools

Intuitive and complete software interface to manage calls with one or more field operators via web (internet or company intranet). It is possible to save up screenshots from the field camera and use them to guide the operators, also by sketching indications on them. Position and movements of all the local operators on the field can be monitored thanks to the GPS – GLONASS positioning connection.

Drastically reduce costs

Different aspects of production are affected

Fewer human errors

Human error is one of the primary causes of equipment’s premature fail

Less travel costs

Wide geographical area of ​​intervention causes knowledge dispersion


Less downtime costs

With complex equipment and diverse procedures is difficult to be operative 24/7

Less training costs

Face-to-face assistance on field is not scalable and workforce turnover increases

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